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О галерее
The Gallery's work is focused on exhibition activities as one of the forms of support for the most talented Russian artists and sculptors.

The collection of arts is not determined by a overall stylistic manner or similarity of conceptual orientation. They are united by the sometimes paradoxical transformation of familiar visual images in figuratively or conditionally executed works. The main thing for us is the professionalism of the artist, his creative individuality and the humanistic orientation of the works.

Recently, the gallery has been supporting the masters of the new avant-garde digital direction of aesthetic art.

The gallery devote special attention to cultural and educational activities aimed at aesthetic development and the formation of personal oversight.
paintings, graphic and sculptural works by famous authors in the gallery's collection
participation in major exhibitions in Russia, Dubai and the USA
Tilda Publishing
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Konstantin Khudyakov
Danila Zhirov
Viktor Korneev
Alisher Kushakov
Taras Mashtalir
Zhenya Maltseva
Alexey Vaulin
Irina Asaeva
Varya Shtern
Alex Petunin
Marat Nabi
Margo Yakuncheva
Julia Volkonskaya
Elizabeth Nadezhdina
Tilda Publishing
Tilda Publishing
1996 - "Art-Manege". Moscow, Russia.
1997 - "Art-Manege". Moscow, Russia.
1997 - "Art-Salon". CHA. Moscow
1998 - "Art-Salon". CHA. Moscow
1999 - "Art-Manege". Moscow, Russia.
2000 - Exhibition of Contemporary Art. Zurich, Switzerland.
2001 – Exhibition "Contemporary Art Today". Barcelona, Spain.
2001 - "Autumn 2001". Bologna, Italy.
2003 - "Modern Art". Bologna, Italy.
2006 - "Hudgraf." Moscow, Russia.
2007 - "Art-Manege". Moscow, Russia.
2008 - "Art Manege" Moscow, Russia.
2011 - "Art Manege" Moscow, Russia.
2012 - Fair of graphic arts "Hudgraf". Moscow, Russia.
2014 - "Art Manege". Moscow, Russia.
2016 - Exhibition-fair "Russian Art Week". Moscow, Russia.
2017 - Joint project with "VS-Unio" Gallery "Composition of Peaks".
2018 - Exhibition-fair "Russian Art Week". Moscow, Russia.
2019 - "Art-Dubai". UAE, Dubai.
2021 - "ART MIAMI". USA.
2021 - "ART-RUSSIA". Moscow, Gostiny Dvor.
2021 - "ART-HOUSE". Artplay, Moscow, Russia.
2021 - "ARS TERRA". Danilovsky Hall, Moscow, Russia.
2021 - "ART EXPO". New York, USA.
2021 - "ART MIAMI". USA
2022 - "World Art Dubai". UAE, Dubai.
2022 - "ART -RUSSIA". Moscow, Gostiny Dvor.
2022 - "Art -Moscow". Moscow, Gostiny Dvor.
2023 - "WORLD ART DUBAI". UAE, Dubai
2023- "ART -RUSSIA". Moscow, Gostiny Dvor.
2023 - "Art -Moscow". Moscow, Gostiny Dvor.

«АRT-RUSSIА». Moscow, Gostiny Dvor
march 28-31 2024
"Art -Moscow". Moscow, Gostiny Dvor
april 17-21 2024
MC "World sqare", Красноярск
march 14 2024
may 2-5 2024

Tilda Publishing
Tilda Publishing
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